These are the prices for the tennis lessons for the fall 2021 season. The lessons for the adults start in the week of 13th of September.

Lesson for adults

We offer lessons both inside and outside, in groups or individual. Below are the options and pricing.

OnderdeelAantal leswekenPrijs Thorleden
6 personen per baan
20 weken les + 8 weken vrij spelen in de hal€ 275,-
6 personen per baan
15 weken les€ 180,-
Buitenlessen (woensdag- / vrijdagochtend)
4 personen per baan
10 weken les€ 150,-
Privéles 50 minuten
1-2 personen
Op afspraak€ 50,- per uur (2 x €25,- bij 2 personen)

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Lessons for juniors

This fall, similar to other seasons, we offer packages. Distinctive in the packages are the extra training hours and extra attention for coordination/movement on the court. In addition to that the packages also offer discounted rates (the more training you choose to follow, the higher your discount). The below are our packages and pricing for this winter.

Off course, we offer as well regular lessons. This includes both lessons inside or outside, tenniskids (for kids up to 8 years) and kickboxtraining on Monday. Below are the options and pricing for this winter.

OnderdeelAantal leswekenPrijs
Jeugdlessen 2 x per week (1 x binnen, 1 x buiten)20 binnen, 15 buiten€ 430
Jeugdlessen 2 x per week (2 x buiten)15€ 350
Jeugdlessen, 1 x per week binnen20 € 275
Jeugdles 1 x per week buiten15€ 185
KidsTennis (t/m 8 jaar)20€ 185
Privéles jeugd, maximaal 2 personen per uurnvtInfo: Cock Snoei

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