Inschrijving tennislessen winter geopend

Je kan je nu via de site inschrijven voor de lessen die starten in de week van 14 september.


6 thoughts on ““Inschrijving tennislessen winter geopend”

  • Anne Baumhackl

    I would like sign up my sons (Raphael and Gabriel) for tennis lessons.
    They have never played before.
    They are 5 years old and 9 years old.
    What do we have to do?
    They’re French / Austrian but are learning Dutch and English in school. Is that a problem they are not fluent yet in Dutch?
    Looking forward for your answer,
    Best regards,
    Anne Baumhackl

    • Wieger Moen Post author

      Good afternoon Anne,

      Thanks for your message. You can use the registration form by using this link:
      It is best to register your son of 5 for tenniskids on Wednesday 13-14 or 16-17 and your other son for regular training. You can indicate availability in the registration form
      English language is fine, our trainers can manage really well. If you have issues with the registration feel free to send a message to :

      Kind regards,

      Wieger Moen

  • Stéphanie

    Ik zou mij willen inschrijven voor tennislessen, het lukt mij niet de link te vinden hiervoor. Het gaat om tennislessen voor volwassenen 😀

    • Wieger Moen Post author

      Goedemiddag Stephanie,

      We hebben dit jaar heel veel inschrijvingen ontvangen voor de lessen van dit najaar. De lessen zitten zo goed als vol. Je kan op de site een interesseformulier invullen, dan zullen de trainers contact met je opnemen. Wat nog wel een optie is, zijn privelessen.



  • Vincenzo

    Hi there, I was wondering if it were still possible to sign up for adult lessons? It would be for myself, I played when I was younger for some odd years but would like to pick it up again. Thanks.

    • Wieger Moen Post author

      Good evening Vincenzo,
      Thanks for your message. Due to the many registrations for the fall it is not possible to sign up for the lessons for this fall. However for this reason we have decided to offer an extra course which starts in November. You can register via the site.


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